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Techniques for making illustration changed over time, as materials are also changing and evolving. Some of the most popular types of infographic illustrations are timelines, comparison infographics, statistics infographics, and flowchart infographics. 300+ Free Illustrations For Your Next Design Project, A collection of great logo illustrations in cartoon style, 60+ Incredible Isometric Illustration Examples That Praise This Style, 23 Drawing Software Options to Become Digital Picasso, 20 Amazing Websites with Illustrations that Will Steal Your Heart, Illustrators: Finding and Working with an Illustrator for Your Children's Picture Book - Indie Kids Books,, CTS: What is Illustration? This article discusses the types of … You’ll design with confidence when know you can find the perfect illustration elements for your project. Bravo from The following video is a beautiful demonstration of a swedish ink master: As we discussed before, with the advancement of the electronics and stepping into the, so called digital era, the possibilities for artists to express themselves grew rapidly and more freely. You can see a very interesting video showing the creation process of such an illustration here: Now let’s have a look at the type of illustration that doesn’t require much of a preparation to start working, and that’s: Maybe one of the most popular types of illustration is the pencil one. (), Pingback: Print Is Hot - Studio Seminar: Dream, Discover, Do(), Thanks for elaborating the types of illustrations. Most illustrations accompany text. Any web app or other computer program needs designs for buttons, text fields, and other interface elements. These striking visuals are effective at larger sizes where the artist’s detail work is visible. I am a beginner to graphic designing. Logically, a huge market for illustration were magazines, newspapers, and books. Thanks a lot. more often produces the imagery themselves and not necessarily work on the whole design of the “product”. Some of the packaging illustrations you might want to see: Cartoon characters of employees of real estate, by GraphicMama. This style is very versatile and depends on the vision of the authour and the subject of the book. SHOP: Sweater Dresses . These ads from Coca-Cola shows vector art in different styles. The main task of the designer is to focus the attention of the viewer on a certain visual concept, idea, detail, part of the design and to make an idea appealing and memorable. Literal illustrations are those which represent pictorial truths. Senior Illustrator Marina Parhomenko gave us a few examples of the design styles in use at the firm. Pingback: Illustrators: Finding and Working with an Illustrator for Your Children's Picture Book - Indie Kids Books(), Thanks, this was helpful. -.- Fucking post, fucking ‘titles’. The above 3 examples are showing the versatility that can be achieved in illustration with these techniques. A composition can bring tremendous visual interest to a simple message — as on a poster or broadside. The first electronic handwriting device was invented back in 1888. Still, many illustrators and designers would switch hats and act as the opposite – nowadays, competition in art fields is fierce and artists have to be able to show multidisciplinary skills. This ancient form of illustration is characterized by strong lines and a few, bold colors. The plate is inked all over, and then the ink wiped off the surface, leaving only the ink in the etched lines. By rule, it is harder to make a smooth transition with vectors but vector has its advantages in producing a certain style of imagery. © 2020 iStockphoto LP. That’s the idea behind categorizing illustrations by function. Procreate and Artrage are two of the most popular applications — their custom settings give you total control over colors, brushstrokes, and textures. Long story short, we can recognize the following genres in illustration: Concept illustration for browser game created by GraphicMama. Designers use textures and patterns to give visuals depth and interest. This can encompass many different types of design, from UI (user interface found on websites, games and apps) to 3D modeling. Distinctive for this technique are the contrasting colors if any; the contrast between dark and light areas in the illustration, as well the relatively big strokes. Using modern design programs, digital artists can replicate these methods. So it helps to figure out what type of illustration you want before you start a project. Probably, the main difference, compared to pencil illustration is, that the line of the charcoal is always slightly thicker, softer and darker in quality. Each time we tried to find a video, an article, or some other source throwing light on the subject – we got lost or we didn’t get enough information; or we had to look at several places to be able to systemize our findings. Popular product mock-up illustrations include clothing mock-ups, electronic device mock-ups, and trade show banners and booths. Can illustration be considered an art form in itself, or is it an illustration only when it’s related to a text or a concept? These types of ilustration are hugely popular in the recent years and even are considered an inspiration for the big trend – material design. It is rich material, which allows you creating soft shadows and transitions, as well creating sharp, accurate lines. Still, the artist can achieve  both similar effects to oils and watercolors. Most 20th-century animations used it to create an opaque color on a cel with watercolor paint used for the backgrounds. With time, illustrators gained more freedom and their creativity and originality were now more valued than their technical skills and ability to draw realistically. With unprecedented competition, packaging came to be the way of differentiating the product on the shelf. One of the oldest types of illustration was the hand-drawn one. Some of the book illustration authors you might want to see: While book and publication illustrations should be supporting and illuminating a certain idea, without stealing the show from the text, advertising type of illustration is meant to do just that – grab your attention and make a lasting impression on one big idea or brand/product. An illustration is an image that’s hand drawn using either tangible media like pens and pencils or digital media. Product mock-ups can also be used to visualize potential indoor and outdoor spaces by using mock-ups like cars, picture frames, and furniture. Artists relied on paper, paints, pencils, but with the digital era evolution, even artists accustomed to traditional mediums and materials started working digitally – with the help of 2D and 3D software such as Photoshop and 3DMax and Maya, for example. One can paint with them on almost any kind of surface and they become water resistant, once they are dry. The illustrations mimic (or in some cases are) traditional fine art paintings, and feature distinct brush strokes with an interplay of light and color. Some of the top types of textures and patterns include floral patterns, glitter patterns, metallic patterns, and fabric patterns. Was wondering if there is a list/dictionary/reference for the art styles of digital illustrations… for example what should I call the art style for this infographic… It is still a preferred technique of many contemporary illustrators who love the rougher feel and the textured look of these illustrations. The remaining ground is then cleaned off the plate. Since then, the technology became more sophisticated and many illustrators and designers are accustomed to using graphics tablets nowadays – devices, which are connected to a computer. At some spots, the color even looks washed out and pale. For example, a logo should be recognizable and readable at smaller sizes. If you know an illustration is meant for a certain function, you’re starting off on the right foot. These types of illustration include Fantasy illustrations, illustrations for Gaming, Animation and One-Pager Fine Illustrations. In the other group, we put vector graphics/illustrations. We can basically divide the types of illustration, based on the technique used, into two large groups: Traditional illustration and Modern style. In traditional pure etching, a metal (usually copper, zinc or steel) plate is covered with a waxy ground which is resistant to acid. Often in more recent years, illustrations had to be quite realistic, because there was no photography to serve this purpose. Charcoal’s blendability lets the artist create a range of textures, representing materials and shadows, people, objects and the natural world. The illustrations are often supportive to other mediums – for example, illustrations often accompany newspaper articles, books, magazines and they most often serve to support and better translate ideas, texts and/or further explain them. If you’re heading out somewhere and you’re trying to impress someone, the pencil dress is the one for you! You can also find infographics tailored for certain industries like healthcare, education, and food and drink. Here is a video that will show you a little bit of the work that goes behind such type of illustration – woodcut technique: Other types of illustration, according to the technique, which requires some preparation, material base and specific knowledge about the production process are the.

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