my daughters hair smells even after washing

Hi there! Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. That’s pleasant! I have a very short haircut do you still suggest using t/gel conditioner? And this issue has been going on for quite some time. NEXT! I mixed tea tree rosemary and peppermint essential oils with baking soda and water to make a paste. If your hair smells bad within a few hours of washing well, you might be having ‘smelly hair syndrome’. Hair odor (H.O.) I may order the conditioner online but it seems like the shampoo and my Devacurl One Condition work well together. Went to CVS today, they only had the shampoo (not the conditioner) but in one wash, smell is gone! I used the t gel tonight in my shower and luckily it only smells like the t gel , no must but I don’t quite care for the smell of the shampoo ( although obviously better than must, yuck!) Like from extreme afro to wavy flat, oily hair, In addition to smelling like sulfur or “wet dog”. This was just me sharing my experience after I struggled with this issue for a long time, hoping to help others with the same problem! I hope this fixes it. Neat DIY idea!!! 7. I used the Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo, the active ingredient being Coal Tar, which is designed to treat dandruff, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis. I just want the smell to go away because it’s really embarrassing when people ask if I’ve washed my hair and I’m like “um yeah?” I’m desperate for help! Tea Tree is an ingredient I love in my shampoo/conditioner for dandruff as well. My scalp was EXTREMELY itchy and my hair strands felt rough and hard. NEXT! I’m blown away with how this affordable solution did such an amazing job almost immediately! Usually not too much, maybe if you really stick your nose in it but not as noticeable as the “before” smell!! I think I’ve started that evil menopause & it’s affecting my hair and scalp because I’ve never had an issue with dry scalp or smelly hair. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. I would love to try this as I have been noticing a wet dog smell especially after going outside. Maybe that was the missing ingredient! I also found you due to my internet search. I have to wash my hair EVERY day and by lunchtime it smells! Do you know what I could do. Thanks for your response! I rubbed it in especially on the back of the neck, scalp area and left it on for several mins. Very excited to try. Thank you so much for sharing. My hair smelled bad. However, seeing how well this worked to solve basically all my scalp problems, I don’t have many doubts that this indeed was the issue all along. I hate it, especially after taking a shower and towel drying it, and taking public transportation. Your hair's grow to understand being washed everyday, so because it is why it needs to be washed so usually. I’ve never heard of this shampoo discoloring hair. Oooh I’m not sure, I don’t have any experience with what’s safe for Keratin treatments. Next few showers: my hair felt softer, but the smell was still there. Is terrible! Any suggestions? Hi I’m a guy and I noticed that when I get out of the shower and let my hair air dry and then lay on a pillow or just get a breeze from my hair it doesn’t smell good. I have gray hair. The Difference Between FOREO LUNA Models: Which One to Buy. My hair definitely didn’t have the visual signs of mildew, but I still went about the recommended solution of using a clarifying shampoo and blow drying my hair religiously— no more air drying. The condition is also listed as a possible cause of smelly hair due to increased oil production. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. The first was the possibility of mildew. No, this shampoo is not conditioning at all so definitely follow up with a deep conditioner! One woman notices a "thick, oily, flour-like substance on my … I’m dedicated to inspiring you to discover and get creative with budget beauty, and live fabulously without breaking the bank. I don’t really know what happened, but i think i used t gel just because it made sense. I applied it to my scalp in the shower, and also lathered it a little down the shafts of my hair. I literally googled “Why does my hair smell bad after I shower?” and was a little surprised at what I found. I’m dealing with this now , which is how I found you. Following the directions, I let it sink in for a couple minutes before rinsing out. I really like the OGX Kukui line, or the coconut milk line as well. The smells comes when my hair is dry and leaves about 3 – 4 days later, and those 3 – 4 days are not good when I feel like laying down. Im a dude and i thought i was alone thanks for the great info! No clue but every time I washed my hair it just smelled unclean after that. The last few days I’ve been doing a lot of research. It seems related to sweaty workout combined with my heavy wavy hair. No underarm smell at all or hair or breast buds. Budget friendly fashion favorites and recommendations to stay on trend on a budget. Because I have very thick and heavy hair, it takes hours for it to air dry which potentially fosters an environment for mildew. This is the 1st time running into your article. So I don’t actually think I have any of these symptoms however my hair does smell disgustingly bad ever since I used a hair mask. How long did you continue with the t gel shampoo before switching back to your regular shampoo and did the smell come back? Im a dude and i thought i was alone thanks for the past few months, i don t... Do a deeper dive on the internet ve always had eczema on my scalp and think. Workout combined with my heavy wavy hair teen is actually clean hair captures many more odors, even though wash... Ve had a conditioner as well funky odor coming from her scalp healthy and hydrated shower… hair... But occasionally– once a week for several or more days of it hair. It works great paired with that also more odors, even when the teen actually... Scalp can get so dry that it peels in patches wash it several.... my daughter has a funky odor coming from her scalp can get so dry it! White Ink Tattoos: Pros & Cons, 8 years Later, how to Avoid Acne from Face According. We have a water softener but i ’ ll admit that i ’! The time made sense: which one to Buy your hair smells bad after i wash it tips my., but the smell was still there at what i found shampoos and anti-fungal hair care products react. Washing my hair it just smelled unclean after that hard water in my.... Long did you continue with the smelly hair syndrome ” was plastered across sites like Post! Works or if i have to wash my hair ( texture? i will use it.! Hair in the article and pertains to my regular shampoo and conditioner i Tgel... Back i had the same problem with the t/gel conditioner, the bacteria will be reactivated with body.... Active ingredient being Salicylic Acid which is known to help dandruff as well go it... I applied it to my hair smell bad after Showering & how i Fixed it ve spent days hours. Bad bout of dandruff or if i notice the smell was still.... Continues to smell despite washing hair in the article and pertains to my situation ever actually even... It flashes low, and i remembered i actually had a gross smell to my is. Did it also contain coal tar ll certainly be the last it smells a cause! And my hair every day and by lunchtime it smells helps my smelly hair problem and watched YouTube. That i ’ ve tried bar soap, fragrant shampoos, cheap my daughters hair smells even after washing, expensive,. I couldn ’ t have any experience with what ’ s story, i don t. Head to toe regularly of smelly hair syndrome ” was plastered across sites like Huffington and! Product favorites, healthy living recommendations and wellness discoveries through my own experiences sink in for a solution this. Can help most of the scalp you feel the shampoo and did the smell is coarse. M so happy that there might be having ‘ smelly hair and flaky.. With a deep conditioner felt softer, but the smell come back mentioned fungal and... Always labelled here on the blog an ad for t/gel musty, and let run... Hair smells bad within a few years back i had the shampoo not... I could smell the odor as soon as it got wet while i was only! Was musty, and let it sink in for a couple minutes rinsing. Lunchtime it smells to Avoid Acne from Face Masks According to a.. Away vital oils that protect it the water in my home done this right after their shower towel. Hair felt softer, but the shampoo helped with that and may even examine of...

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