coconut quinoa rice cooker

Wow! Haha this is a personal blog, so if you’re not into the stories either scroll to the end of the post or use another site like or something . I’ve never used an Instant Pot before so I can’t say how this would cook, sorry! My cat even wanted a taste. Add all ingredients to a slow cooker. It’s more of an Asian/Thai inspired curry dish rather than a traditional Indian curry Hope you enjoyed it! Want to make this for meal prep? Should I be using canned coconut milk or canned coconut cream? I think about 7 – 8 mins! This is one of the biggest hits on the website, so it must just be a taste preference. Ahhh so good!!! DELISH!! I made a few changes, and cooked the onions over the stove for around 15 minutes, till brown. Thank you! I want to make this in the instant pot. I accidentally added one can of coconut cream and one can of coconut milk so it was extra creamy! Except the link leads to a recipe book on Amazon. Thanks. They’re very inexpensive, less than 20.00 even, and you’ll LOVE IT! #1 “starting w 1 cup of water”……….When do I add the coconut milk? Measure out your coconut milk and lime juice. I would recommend a) checking the freshness of your spices and b) taste as you go! Thanks for the recipe, I’m thinking of trying this in my pressure cooker too, can you advise how long it takes and if you had to sauté onions beforehand. So great when the kids actually eat dinner without a fight or complaint! If you have any specific questions for substitutions, let me know down below! Turmeric and ginger give this curry its telltale hue and add anti-inflammatory properties. Let’s talk favorites! I haven’t needed to add water to mine! Thanks! Top with the cooked rice and salt; toss gently to mix. I’ll have it test it with my multi-cooker (which also acts as a rice cooker). Glad you made it work . I like to freeze it in the portion sizes that I'm going to eat (either 1 or 2 servings), allow it to thaw at room temperature, and then heat it up. Nope! This sounds great! Your post made me smile. Learn how your comment data is processed. xx. I just add some more veggies. Love the idea of cooking the garlic and ginger before hand…I’m sure that just heightened the flavors even more! Never used one before, so I’m not sure. Hey this may be a dumb question but do you think there’s a way to make this without tomato? I used what was in the fridge including some carrots and frozen butternut squash. It looks good, smells good and hanging out for 4 hours to eat !!. Thanks for letting me know about the ingredients I’ll add those now! SLOW COOKER COCONUT QUINOA CURRY by Simply Quinoa […], […] 14. Get the recipe! Unfortunately, we were very disappointed at how bland this was. LOVE that idea!! Definitely going to try the lemongrass next time YUM! Kind of pointless to have nutritional values at the end without actually stating what the serving size is!! Per serving, yep! Red potatoes? I’m not sure! […], […] Tasty, but so easy to make! Yeah, I think you could honestly just leave them out completely. Hi! 4. STOP LEAVING LIFE STORIES! The broccoli was a little mushy, but it was perfect otherwise. Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry […]. And did you use the same spices? Y’all! The curry packs a wonderful punch. Next time around, try leaving the lid off the whole time I think , […] Tasty, but so easy to make! Any substitutions? Sounds great! […]. Thank you. Love slow cooker recipes. I love my slow cooker, and I love curry. Thanks. I could not stay out of the crockpot while it was cooking. I think one other person had that issue and I the only thing I can think is that it might be the temperature of your slow cooker isn’t very hot When it’s on high, it should be boiling. I would love to do this in my instant pot! Thanks! I used dried instead of fresh ginger but that should not make or break this recipe. Really liked this better than I thought I would! Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, is a grain-like seed native to South America. You should note that the recipe includes water, but the water is not included in the ingredients so be careful. I had chopped tomatoes with green chillies in the pantry which also spiced it up. 6 hours or 8? did you use red cabbage as a garnish or could i throw it with the other veggies? 4 – 6 hours later, you come back to a thick, creamy coconut curry that will comfort you from head to toe. I see the answer in the comments. This is a great meal prep meal!!! […] Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry by Simply […]. Simply Quinoa is an online destination that provides simple, practical and personal steps to living a healthier life so that you can be well + truly healthy. I served it with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and freshly grated pepper. So glad you enjoyed it! Hmm…well you could transfer it to a pot and boil it to get some of the liquid to evaporate. I make a lentil chili that always goes over well, but really, any soup or stew is great. It should only take 3 – 4 hours, but really depends on how quickly the sweet potatoes cook . This is my new favorite recipe!!! Almond or Cashew? I’m about to make so I hope someone can help fast!! Great recipe!!! This is a great dish. Do you think it would work as well substituting the quinoa for buckwheat? Get yourself one! Just threw everything in like recipe called for and set it to 9 minutes. The broccoli kind of turned a bit to mush…but over all for a quick throw it all in a pot thing it was good! What would suggest as a ratio for a thicker curry? Is one more correct than the other? It tastes great, it is filling, and healthy! Check through the comments because I believe that some have .

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