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manipulate the environment to safely manage PB-- lock doors and cabinets, remove fragile and sharp items. Antecedent Interventions. Antecedent Interventions 1. independent of problem behavior--presence or absence of PB does not affect the strategies of antecedent interventions. Antecedents Antecedents are stimuli, events, or conditions that are present before a behavior occurs Discriminative stimuli (SDs) Motivating operations People Time of day Physical environment Absence of stimuli BEHAVIORAL ANTECEDENT INTERVENTIONS TARGETING ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION/PRESERVATION Elise A. Drake, M.S. By intervening before the behavior occurs, you set the child up for success. Take a look at the function of the behavior and decide what you can do to help your child make good choices. Among interventions designed to increase environmentally responsible behavior (ERB), antecedents and/or consequences can be classified as positive or negative. Behavior: The behavior refers to what the student does in response to the antecedent and is sometimes referred to as "the behavior of interest" or "target behavior. environmental engineering. Intervention strategies were categorized as antecedent manipulations, teaching behavior, consequence-based procedures, and/or extinction procedures. Antecedent interventions are key in successfully reducing problem behavior. Different types of student behavior require different types of interventions. Here’s an example: This practice is most often used after a functional behavior assessment (FBA) has been conducted to identify the function of the interfering behavior. ANTECEDENT BEHAVIOR INTERVENTIONS PSY 3570: Practicum with Special Populations 2. examples of antecedent interventions - pairing-environmental engineering-routines-visual supports . Behavioral Interventions are essential for providing behavioral support to those students who display challenging behaviors. Antecedent interventions are strategies you use to reduce the likelihood your child will engage in the challenging behavior. Antecedent-based interventions (ABI) is an evidence-based practice used to address both interfering and on-task behaviors. Stopping Behavior Before It Starts: Antecedent Interventions for Challenging Behavior | Council for … Interventions lead students to improved behavior so they can achieve success. Federal, state, and local governments have most often used … Many teachers have difficulty managing students with challenging behavior. routines. & Rachael E. Budowle, M.S.

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