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But this is not true of all almond tree cultivars, so carefully check the zones of whichever almond tree cultivars you select. It is easier to make a super short list of which plants will not grow in zone 5. Nut trees add both beauty and bounty to the landscape. It's a hybrid between Peach and Almond and is supposed to be hardier than other almonds. I'm still skeptical that I can buy an almond tree from Stark Bros and have success in my humid climate. Now I need to calm down with this tiny ad: current server time (not your local time) is, Here are some of the best nut trees for zone 5 regions: Walnuts – Walnuts are perfect for zone 5. Also, you might prefer a Chestnut variety, I know there are many hybrids available, and I would think a few hardy ones. Nuts such as almonds and pecans may not die, but they won’t fill out completely. However, instead of a sweet flesh and sour kernel, the almond tree has a sour flesh and a sweet kernel. This means the plant will grow in Zone 6, 7, 8 and 9. Sign up for our newsletter. There are many factors to consider when choosing zone 5 nut trees, and this article covers the trees best suited to the area. This was in a suburban permie garden. Does fine in zones 6-9 and is a good candidate for testing in zone 5. If you have enough cold hour s in zone 9 to allow the peach tree to bloom, you should be able to grow Almonds. Location: Zones 2-4 Wyoming and 4-5 Colorado. I planted one of the hardy varieties from OGW, but it died for me in zone 5....wished I had tried the grafting then. So I figured once every couple years we wouldn't have a late frost and I would get almonds and be happy with that. So Joseph, am I understanding correctly that you've developed your own hybrids over decades? Thanks. It has a better flavor and is easier to shell than a hickory. Very cool Joseph! They are productive as well as being attractive landscaping trees that grow to be between 15-20 feet tall and are self-pollinating. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map Find your location on the map, or use our convenient growing zone finder above. You mentioned Indiana gets warm and followed by a freeze. Folks do that with citrus onto Poncirus to provide greater hardiness and deeper dormancy. 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Also, many fruit trees need pollinators to ensure proper blossoms and fruit production. If your almond flowers start peaking out, with the initial pink tip, any sustained (by this I mean just hours) of below 30 degree weather and it will kill the flowers. I purchased a couple but they aren't planted yet. If I could grow an Almond or Pecan tree in Zone 4 I would be ecstatic But the Home Garden guys at Dave Wilson Nursery just left it on the tree a little longer back in the early 80’s. I have sweet kernel apricot with edible nut and fruit and also peaches but no almond. I can't beleive you just said that. Zone 5 has winter temperatures that can reach as low as -20 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, so the fruit tree you choose must be cold hearty. Our Nursery is in Zone … Be sure to source your tree from a company that stocks very hardy strains raised in cold climates. We can better the world, one person at a time. It's a hybrid between Peach and Almond and is supposed to be hardier than other almonds. Do you know if they're any specific varieties or are they seedlings? Reliance Almond is another peach-almond hardy cross that is zone 5 hardy. (extra question marks representing hope). The almonds were huge the year i saw them, Not sure if this is helpful but I am in TX trying to grow Almonds zone 8a. Do you have any microclimates , or areas that might be out of any wind, have more sunlight etc? Most varieties of almond trees grow best in climate zones five through nine. It belongs to the same tree family as the cherry, plum, peach, and apricot. So what nut trees grow in Zone 5? (Banana, Avocado, Coconuts/Palms, Pomegranate, Macadamia Nuts, Olive, that pretty much it) Below is a list of plants that will grow in zone 5, with a few vendors that sell them So buy a late blooming almond right? I haven't been able to find a 10ft dwarf cultivar. There aren’t many hardy almond trees, but you might like to try Hall’s Hardy Almond tree. Each plant has two numbers besides the Growing Zone, ex. Greg Martin wrote:You don't sell seeds of these by any chance??? English walnuts grow to only half the size of a black walnut but they aren’t quite as toxic, and you may see nuts in as few as four years. Do you know if they're any specific varieties or are they seedlings? Almonds are native to central and southwest Asia, may have been cultivated in … The 2012 version of the Hardiness Zone map has 13 zones, each divided into two sub-zones labeled “a” and “b”. If anyone has cuttings of the hardier varieties mentioned above I would be happy to try it on my peach and Hall's Hardy and report back to the group. Generally, almond trees thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. Many of these nut trees are self-fruitful. I do not have any tips, but wanted to say people in your area are having success. Well no late frost this year and my self fertile All-in Ones should be loaded with developing nuts but they are not. Can't hurt to try! What they discovered was a large, superb-flavored, firm-fleshed fruit. how works real sounding name policy, Permaculture...picking the lock back to Eden since 1978. I am suspicious that they are basically not self fertile despite the. Paul explains why I spend time here,better than I could myself. 6-9. During a warm spell, the buds on a tree begin to swell, and refreezing damages or kills the nut buds. The USDA hardiness zone map indicates how well a specific plant will tolerate winter cold in your area. Could you tell us a little more about your property? Many people want to know whether almond trees can be grown in Zone 5. Almonds are grown in mass in California, and the south is known for pecans. Almond, Hazelnut (Filberts) and Walnut trees These nut trees are often very large trees and can serve dual purpose as a shade tree and food producer.

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