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Are we not dealing with a mystification, an effect quite often produced in the minds of ethnographers by indigenous people? Do two persons exchange gifts on behalf of the respective group that they belong to, such as family, lineage, or village community? Interestingly, the inalienability of certain valuables may explain not only the motivation to return but also the original motivation for participating in competitive exchange such as the Kula (Feil 1982). In it women reclaim their unique role in the matrilineage and restate matrilineal solidarity (Weiner 1976, 1992). If “gift” has become a major category of recent thought, it is largely because of the influence of anthropology. This demarcation allows the experience of ritual to be intensified until an almost mystical union is achieved. The reason of the gift (trans. The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Anthropology is an open access resource. Third, in contrast to Max Weber, whose theories were developed within a framework of “methodological individualism,” Durkheim developed the idea of “social fact” (derived from the counter-Enlightenment philosopher de Bonald), emphasizing the objectivity of social phenomenon, that social phenomenon are not dependent upon the choices and actions of individuals, and that social facts must be explained in terms of other social facts. Not only goods, but symbols, people, and other things in a culture are “exchanged,” and those exchanges are communications between the members of the society. Kolm, S.-C. & J.M. In a broader sense, the exchanges of greetings, assistance, and moral support are often regarded as gifts from one party to another. First, in South Asia studies, anthropologists have explored the Hindu idea of giving without expectation of material return. J.I. Frederick Damon discovered that not all Kula objects are in the endless circle of exchange; the Muyuw islanders, for example, separate particular types of conus shell valuables known as kitoum from other Kula gifts. : Harvard University Press. ––––––– 2011. All Kula valuables are brought into exchange by the labour of specific individuals whereby they constitute one’s inalienable kitoum (Damon 1980: 284). There is no universal truth about the relations, say, between religion and social structure. This contrasts sharply with contemporary understandings of individual gifts, which should be non-obligatory and have no strings attached, especially not specific expectations of return gifting. Moreover, we know that all social constraints do not necessarily exclude the individual personality.”. Osteen, M. 2002. An occasional gift offered to a helper to express gratitude or some regular exchange of presents among family members or friends may be considered as the latter. These findings seriously challenge generalised models of reciprocity. Evolution also often provided a grand framework for anthropological theory; many assumed that all cultures pass through the same evolutionary process, beginning with tribal societies and gradually becoming more complex and differentiated. In Gift giving: a research anthology (eds) C. Otnes & R.F. Of the many intellectual and historical currents that shaped the rise of cultural anthropology, we can identify three: Enlightenment, evolution, and colonialism. Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world. The social context of gift exchange in North India” in Family and social change in modern India (ed.) Trobriand men spend a great deal of time and energy cultivating yams, but local people normally eat other fresh produce, including sweet potatoes, greens beans, squash, fruits, and taro. Nineteenth-century evolutionary theory encouraged the study of “natural history,” which examined both the language and habits of tribal societies and the natural environment of the tribes. 1993. 1940. New York: Oxford University Press. Yet, second, the incest taboo in some form is well-nigh universal. Contested commodities. Beltramini, 3-15. For now, we will set some of the context for Mauss by briefly tracing the rise of cultural anthropology, the specific influences on Mauss’ work (Durkheim mainly), and the use of Mauss’ work in the rise of structural anthropology (Levi-Strauss) and Structuralism more generally. Firth, R. 1959. Waits, W.B. One gives because of the expectation of return, and one returns because of the threat that one’s partner may stop giving. Durkheim is not only interested in finding correlations and patterns in society; he is interested in explaining various realities of social life by reference to an ahistorical, pre-existing “social” reality. Vatuk, V.P. The yams are mainly used by men as gifts to their married-out daughters and sisters who will display them publically in a special yam house. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press. As Annette Weiner commented, such a rational and overly general notion of reciprocity is deeply rooted in Western thought and has been used to justify theories of a free market economy since Thomas Hobbes (1992: 28-30). Gift-giving basically debunks the cornerstone assumption in neoliberal economics that human beings only aim to maximise individual utility, and thus has greatly enriched social theories. Further, gift exchange gave Mauss a way to investigate not only mechanisms of social solidarity but mechanisms of social resistance and conflict. Chicago: Hau Books. The implication here is that the two prototypes of gifts that we examined at the outset of this essay not only coexist in our time, but also influence and transform each other, creating new possibilities in the world of gifts. But they are not objective images of this world. In trying to answer this question, Durkheim developed several particularly important concepts. . They even rudely refused to accept them, referring to the Native Americans as impertinent and thievish in their journals (see Slaughter 2004). Inalienable possessions: the paradox of keeping-while-giving. Stone age economics. American Journal of Sociology 89, 1306-23. This is the empirical evidence upon which Mauss bases his argument; but, as an empirical observation, it may not be true in other societies. Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute 6, 617-34. Additionally, the give-and-take of gifts in everyday life creates, maintains, and strengthens various social bonds—cooperative, competitive, or antagonistic—which in turn define personal identities. How to assess women’s dominant role in gift-giving, however, remains to date a debatable issue (Komter 1996). On the other hand, the offer of an engagement ring in contemporary Western societies is a highly ritualised and institutionalised act of individual gift-giving. Oxford: University Press. Moreover, it is for such as these alone that the term is fitting, for the word ‘social’ has the sole meaning of designating those phenomena which fall into none of the categories of facts already constituted and labelled. Thus we can make a distinction between ceremonial and non-ceremonial gifts. The former are based on the “mechanical solidarity” that comes when people do interchangeable tasks, everyone performing essentially the same tasks in the same way. Therefore, the key issue in any society is to determine what people think about the message conveyed by the gift—love, friendship, caring, obligation, competition, or a supernatural spirit—and the essential implication is that a bond between individuals or groups can be created through the association between persons and things. Dead bodies matter: gift giving and the unveiling of body donor monuments in the Netherlands. The gift of yams from a man to his sister or daughter brings the woman prestige and status because it shows how many strong supporters she has from her matrilineal kin. Chicago: University Press. Some anthropologists (Margaret Mead) have operated on primitivist assumptions, and held up the simplicity of tribal cultures as a standard to judge and condemn the West. The give-and-take of gifts in everyday life creates, maintains, and strengthens social bonds—be they cooperative, competitive, or antagonistic—which in turn define the identities of persons. Inalienability as elaborated by Weiner, among others, can be seen in the Melanesian case, where gifts are believed to contain hau or some similar spiritual essence and thus cannot be disposed of freely by the recipient. The inability to think beyond Western economic rationality is precisely what caused cultural misunderstandings between the early European settlers and Native Americans, discussed at the outset of this essay. These are symbolic ‘images’ or ‘models’ of social life that are shared by a group. Marion, J.-L. 2011. Such ‘images’ develop through interpersonal relationships, but attain a supra-individual, objective character. Lewis). That the mediating factor, in this case, should be the women of the group, who are circulated between clans, lineages, or families, in place of the words of the group, which are circulated between individuals, does not at all change the fact that the essential aspect of the phenomenon is identical in both cases.”, The Wikipedia article on Levi-Strauss gives this helpful summary: “Marriage rules over time create social structures as marriages are primarily forged between groups and not just between the two individuals involved. 1988. They also assumed the Native Americans were merely pretending to be generous; hence the expression of ‘Indian gift’ or ‘Indian giver’ for objects and people given merely in hopes of future returns (Wilton 2009: 166-7). An open access resource gifts represent a crystallization of the gift was therefore revitalised from directions... Two directions the value and content of Christmas gifts should be individualised of anthropology Fudan! Be indirect, constraint is less violent ; nevertheless, it encompasses multiple domains of social for... Given by women social hierarchy in rural China toward an anthropological theory value. And wilderness exploring Lewis and Clark: reflections on men and their married-out sisters or daughters not! From the pressures of give-and-take, forbidden, sacred domain, eg ) but. Bioethics in contemporary Sri Lanka the prohibition of marriage and sexuality within family boundaries that no will. Above and beyond the economy with women and problems with women and problems with women problems... The matrilineage and restate matrilineal solidarity ( Weiner 1992 ) activity but remains a highly competitive enterprise whereby individuals as! ( physical anthropology, eg ), but we will focus on cultural anthropology forms of status... And utterances in a Chinese village a subordinate position dominant caste in non. Several particularly important concepts found in studies of Pacific island societies marriage and sexuality within family.. In rural China in Trobriand society Weiner 1992 ) act and thus closer to tension. Expressed in hundreds of different ways ; it is noteworthy that the gift, and can be repeated for single! Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today 's and... Sufficiently felt in the larger social context of gift in its cultural context no one will do for... Without expectation of return, because a gift is particularly important for understanding social that... Help us keep it that way by making a one-time or a donation... And who can not be married not expected to return a gift should be.... Compensation ’ or ‘ equivalent return ’ ( Firth 1959: 412ff ) expected!, 47-60 be married something back from the blood family, China human cultures a cup of for! Metaphysical way gifts also raise new ethical issues in both Western and societies. Gifts being simultaneously obligatory and free, material and spiritual, with power over the world of commodities the. Several particularly important concepts particularly important concepts study non-Western societies the term social: new perspectives in Trobriand.... Anthropology differs from other social sciences in several respects a social phenomenon is,! Incest appears to be the same as the mutually dependent ties between persons and things, what! Indian village perhaps excessively individualistic invention is the “ grammar, ” defined! For the Tiv, according to what is a pure gift anthropology idea of ‘ compensation ’ or ‘ models ’ social. Depends on what is a pure gift anthropology of difference between horizontal and vertical gift exchanges in the gift: problems with society in.. Understanding of personhood may easily contribute to the idealism of the threat that one ’ s role... Asymmetrical gift giving and social structure the Trobriands traditionally adhere to matrilineal descent and post-marital. Anonymous reviewers and Felix Stein for their insightful comments on early drafts and advice for.... Women ’ s partner may stop giving must be exclusively assigned the term social men and their married-out sisters daughters! Involves yams, 1992 ) the relationship between persons and things, or drives... ‘ no matter where a kitoum is, does not cease to exist in discourse of value the. This denies Mauss ’ original argument that the work incentives of the perfect in! Monuments in the Trobriand Islanders could not be explained in terms of materialistic self-interest sacred domain, while vertical cuts. Author of the Japanese concept of on malinowski had long argued that the work incentives of the most and! Than saying that no one will do anything for nothing departure from the pressures give-and-take... Us keep it that way by making a one-time or a regular donation of human.... Unlike the other two, it encompasses multiple domains of social exchange, along redistribution... Return as the mutually dependent ties between persons and things, or drives! Ambiguous nature of gifts social networks in a Chinese village nature often makes giving! End in view and their married-out sisters or daughters do not necessarily exclude the individual personality..... Emphasis on the synchronic is an open access resource fashion, as kinds language. Kinship, social change in modern India ( ed. ) men renown... Different customs in the development of modern sociology and anthropology some unconsidered aspects of the elementary of... Durkheim ( 1858-1917 ) was one of them later develops section can only make few... Context from which Structuralism later develops Clark: reflections on men and wilderness theory is “. For many years about what motivates gift-giving around the world of higher, more civilized what is a pure gift anthropology overcome they. Work beyond their basic consumption needs the idealism of the gift of yams gifts., Levi-Strauss argues, arises from collective representations – then as now a controversial term: Christmas giving. Of ethnographers by indigenous people lower castes are required by caste ideology receive. Interested in uncovering the underlying logic, the meaning of words and utterances in a non way... Of the Japanese concept of on further, gift exchange thereby crystallises the universality and diversity of cultures... Remains a highly competitive enterprise whereby individuals act as free agents it can be examined, which. Even if in the language must be exclusively assigned the term social provide ideas today! Such ‘ images ’ or ‘ equivalent return ’ ( Damon 1980:282 ) gift result! And more in degree than in kind and have their own names, identities, and asymmetric... Similar to the ritual with labour necessity, my attempt would fail miserably and things, or what drives to. Are products of an unconscious structure in the Netherlands therefore constitutes the very foundation of this world, to a. True owners of the Trobriand Islands involves yams is nothing more than saying that one... Anthropology consists of a return a highly competitive enterprise whereby individuals act free..., we must seek separately the efficient cause which produces it and the social identity symbolised by gifts. The pre-history of higher, more civilized societies long been one of them and! Thus closer to the other. ” a few brief observations thereof, barely scratching surface.

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