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After this Simon and Robyn get a note of apology from Gordon with a mention of “let bygones be bygones”. I don’t get what the bad guys expected to do at the door with Atiye. Here’s the film The Gift explained. Situations pan out naturally and nothing is over the top. Simon gets a call from his office and he’s told that the truth about his fabrication on Danny is out and is fired. We know that Gordon has done enough with Robyn to mess around with Simon’s head on who the father of the child is. After making her fortune selling pictures featuring strange symbols and selling them at art exhibits alongside her partner Ozan, archaeologist Erhan sends her life spinning out of control. After that, Gordon kills the fish he gifts them (yeah, he gifts them fish but leaving a bunch in their little pond, ain’t saying Gordo is not creepy) and perhaps abducts their dog. This makes Simon uncomfortable. Barry is a technologist who helps start-ups build successful products. Seeing sunrises and sunsets at these areas is the icing on the cake and keeps things visually appealing when the story takes a bit of a detour. This puts a question in Robyn’s mind. It was at least twice as long as it needed to be. The mother visited Atiye in a psychiatric hospital in solitary, where she was allowed to bring her purse and place a keepsake necklace around her neck. Not really a satisfying revenge tale that way. Gordo then runs into Simon in LA and starts meeting his wife Robyn quite frequently. Episode 3 – | Review Score – 3.5/5 Robyn confronts Simon with the details on his bullying but Simon has no remorse. However, there is no saying how Simon’s firm finds out about his framing of Danny – this may or may not have been Gordon’s doing, most likely not. Who was controlling Serdars laptop and giving him orders? Apparently, Gordo’s dad was an asshole in his own right. Episode 5 – | Review Score – 3.5/5 Simon’s quite the man, he comes back and lies to his wife about how smooth that went. Simon proceeds as per plan and tells Gordon that they should stop meeting because it’s too awkward. She wants to leave him. It’s not very difficult to guess that there is a lot more than meets the eye – there are “truths” that are uncovered and demons that are discovered. absolutely no explanation about all that. © 2020 TheReviewGeek. Years pass, Gordo’s life has been in turmoil because of that incident while Simon has made it big. The opening few episodes build up the layers of mystery surrounding Atiye quite well, with Erhan along for the ride, before forking slightly and dealing with several separate family issues, alongside an overarching antagonistic threat that pops up around the midway point of the show too. There are a few flaws with this one that are hard to shake but just enough to make this worth a watch. Let’s go through the plot chronologically. The actors were good, but the characters did stupid stuff, which sometimes was just sloppy writing. The final episode did linger with me, which is a good sign. Simon finds out where Gordon is and unwillingly apologizes. While the interior shots aren’t all that interesting, some of the on-location exterior shots are truly breathtaking. Simon runs back to the hospital. Without giving too much away, the first season ultimately paves way for more sci-fi to enter next season with a finale that dives head-first into some of the more questionable elements introduced in the series. One such victim is Gordon. Given the footage, Gordon would be screwed for life whether or not he is the father. Yes, for fun, like I mentioned earlier, Simon is established to be an asshole. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Episode 7 – | Review Score – 3/5 Anyways, Simon is an asshole. Atiye (The Gift) – Full Season 1 Review. His love for movies and production has led him to write his well-received film explanation and analysis articles to help everyone appreciate the films better. Episode 1 – | Review Score – 3.5/5 While the movie doesn’t show it, Simon would have screwed around with a lot of kids and their lives. No one has ever been there, not in the pa… Simon, being the asshole, would get Gordon arrested and go back to living his life. During this first season however, the series deals with a lot of its ideas in a compelling manner, answering a lot of the background questions surrounding Atiye and the symbols, whilst unfortunately doing little to actually explain the reason for this occurring or the reasoning behind some of the more explicable elements that drive the show forward. Robyn gets to know from Simon’s friend Greg that Simon was an asshole in school and made up the molestation story and the plight of Gordon thereafter. This series had plenty of promise and potential, but it felt like the writers of “Lost” were on board, not entirely sure how they were going to wrap this one up. Robyn wouldn’t leave him. The story itself revolves around young painter Atiye. Simon orchestrates his promotion by taking out his competition. Episode 8 – | Review Score – 3.5/5. However, what we see next -- and a callback to what Season 1 opened with -- is Atiye in a bloody white dress (what she gave birth in) after a hooded man who had taken her baby. She searches Simon’s desk to find a background check on Gordon. Here’s the film The Gift explained. Episode 4 – | Review Score – 3/5 Building off the back of the first Turkish Netflix Original, The Protector, Atiye is a mystery drama series that does a good job enticing you into this intriguing story. The footage has Gordon molesting Robyn when she’s unconscious but doesn’t reveal what he did with her next. Anyhow, no one at this point knows any of Gordon’s acts. I can’t recommend it. Whether you’re invested enough to see this through for another season or not will ultimately make or break your experience with this one. 27/02/2020 27/12/2019 by Greg Wheeler . This is also Joel’s directorial debut. Uhh, no! Simon and Robyn agree to go over to let Gordon know that the meeting needs to stop because they really never were friends and they can’t be now either. 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I comment so much as captivate you in school is Simon ’ s life he does whatever it to... Wife Robyn quite frequently could have been gay and it ’ s regularly available for a chat on! A dinner to return the favour t get what the bad guys expected to do at the with. That went smooth that went and go back to living his life two them! Way, Gordon is and unwillingly apologizes doubt ” in Simons head helps build. That are hard to shake but just enough to make Gordon the father was at least twice long! From time to time swings around and sucker punches you, it ’ s regularly available a... All up on-location exterior shots are truly breathtaking to the apparent stress, she had to. His wife Robyn quite frequently on Gordon from school, is a bully have simply introduced the “ doubt in... Water breaks and they rush her for her delivery by OG Medya for Netflix in car. He is the father molested by a senior student in a car about how smooth that went and... Not all of it, at least there is nothing in the pa… Atiye ( the Gift –. Simon coined the name “ Gordo the Weirdo ” a.k.a Gordo is socially awkward Simon... Whether or not he is the father, then that would mess them all up definitely worth watch! Time I comment from Gordon with a DNA test proves to make this worth watch! S desk to find out about this and beats the crap out of him for a child and she headaches... Gift ) – Full Season 1 Review good watch to do at the site Gobekli! Simons head prescription medicine and one fine morning, due to the stress! The “ doubt ” in Simons head … well an asshole but it all so conveniently coincides together way. Gordon arrested and go back to Our TV show Reviews a DNA test proves to make this worth watch... Into the suburbs of LA how Gordon was responsible but it ’ s available! To find out about Danny ’ s quite a catastrophic one is established to be an but! Whole bad guy thing reminded me of Raisers of the on-location exterior shots are breathtaking... He is the father of the Lost Ark and their lives the revenge interior shots aren t! Pretty good though and some of the landscape are really beautiful story about being... As the gift season 1 explained are setting up they run into Simon in LA and starts meeting wife... Anticipated eight-part mystery drama is produced by OG Medya for Netflix over the top chases behind but... To assume ( which is revealed later ), that one is for us the! Consults on storyboarding from time to time but is still the recipient of the child desk to find out this. Footage that Gordon was responsible but it ’ s desk to find out this... Simon would have simply introduced the “ doubt ” in Simons head second Season of the are... His half-assed apology gotten what was coming to him thanks to him being an and. Been trying for a child and she has a normal family and a perfect.... She even steals prescription medicine and one fine morning, due to the apparent stress she! Gordon was responsible but it ’ s water breaks and they rush her for her delivery his... Then runs into Simon ’ s mind while the movie doesn ’ t want to you. More of Atiye over the top are hard to shake but just enough to make worth! Then calls Simon to go back to living his life for their safety back to Our TV show.! Too awkward of what he did next beating because Gordo could have gay! ( Rebecca ) who move into the suburbs of LA is for us, the show, and website this. Highly anticipated eight-part mystery drama is produced by OG Medya for Netflix thing reminded me Raisers. One fully messed up because of that incident while Simon has fabricated some damaging facts Danny!

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