strawberry guava butter recipe

While we love to eat it straight out of the jar, if for some reason you get tired of that, try it on bagels with cream cheese, or stir it into orange juice and champagne for a tropical flourish to your mimosa. It was from 1998, that was funny. 15 Chicken Thigh Recipes for the Instant Pot This collection of top-rated recipes highlights this versatilty, featuring chicken thighs with international accents, from chicken curry to cacciatore, chicken teriyaki to chicken tagine, biriyani and butter chicken, and much more. I must have gotten this recipe from the friend who originally gave me my guava tree. The fresh, sweet flavor of strawberry cream cheese frosting pairs beautifully with any number of cake flavors, from a simple 13×9 cake to a show-stopping layered birthday cake.The ingredients are inexpensive and easy to keep on hand any time you want to make a special, strawberry … Remove stem end from fruit and mash with a potato masher. Recipes using guavas. There are three main types of guavas, light green, almost yellow, pink, and red. This spread features wild guavas at their peak so that it tastes like pure, fresh guavas and nothing else. Makes about 8 cups of strawberry guava butter 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup water Directions Place the fruit in a med size dutch oven or pan Cook 8 c puree with 6 c sugar until thick. I searched the internet for a guava butter recipe and could find only one. Cook about 20 minutes then puree in a blender and use 8 cups of puree. 8 cups pureed strawberry guavas; 6 cups sugar; Directions. Cleaned, stem and ends removed, cut into quarters to make 4 cups. 30 homemade recipes for strawberry guava from the biggest global cooking community! It said to make it like apple butter. She had two recipes and one said “Keo’s recipe”. May 5, 2014 - STRAWBERRY GUAVA MOCHI ~ 1 box mochiko, 1 1/2 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon baking soda, dash of salt, 1 can defrosted strawberry guave concentrate, 1 can coconut milk, 1 stick butter melted. If you have never tried a Guava, their flavor is a cross between a pear and a strawberry, with a soft creamy texture when they are ripe. See recipes for Mike's Adult Strawberry Guava Daiquiri Cocktails too. Guava Butter 6-8 medium size guavas. Process as for any jam, placing in sterile jars and sealing. 350 degrees for 30-40mins So I broke down and called my friend who is my recipe go to.

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