statins are very dangerous

Those that truly seek fair and equitable solutions can find them at The People’s Branch. Altogether, cholesterol only makes up about 2 percent to 3 percent of our total body weight. It’s been shown to cause nerve damage, changes in memory, and even anxiety and depression (7, 8, 9). They know that they win and You lose as long as they can direct You into the pretend paths that are designed to keep out any DIRECT Checks and Balances from the outside – We the People! Says the person who is more afraid of cookies on their computer than in their diet. It seemed like she was always complaining about side effects. The first link was published by health editor Barbara Minton in her story on the deadly effects of Statins in destroying CoQ10. If SPECIAL INTEREST continues to get their way then You and Your Loved Ones may lose everything! Think for yourself! Set compelling goals. And for men who are 65 to 74 years old, that number is doubled (2). Once again the medical establishment gets it completely backward. you know nothing of which you speak. ONLY The ones that are working to help you safeguard You and Your loved ones own best interest. Don’t ever think just because he’s a “doctor” that he knows best – and don’t ever blindly believe him. They block an enzyme called HMG-CoA reductase, which in turn lowers the production of LDL cholesterol in the liver. Jackie – It’s not difficult at all to refuse medicine – not only is your birthright, but it is actually your legal right as stated under “Patient’s Rights” – there’s a copy on the wall of every medical facility. They didn’t – We did! Yes, they know about us but refuse to acknowledge our efforts. As always, it is all about the money! These are things that statin drugs are alleged to do, but this nutritional supplement does not have harmful side effects. voting to elect officeholders, organizing, campaigning (for so-called good people), running for office (by so-called good people), public protests, marches, demonstrations, rallies, sit-ins, calling and/or writing your elected officials etc.) Even when it comes to heart disease prevention, conventional thinking gets it wrong. for everyone to help safeguard their own best interest! Said wrongs may have dire consequences for those found to have helped implement or aided their authorization, through their actions or lack thereof. I think it is foolish to swear off all modern medicine but I also think a healthy amount of skepticism and knowledge may save your life. The People do not have to let the government work against them/the People! Drink more greens. Over the last few months, we’ve been reporting on the planned deployment of 5G wireless networks and some of the health and s... “Resistant” Head Lice in Children Increasingly Hard to Kill Look at what others say – here and/or elsewhere… Can’t you see it? A Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious Person would find out if it truly had a chance to help them. Reducing the total amount of cholesterol to sometimes even dangerously low levels by using statins can be detrimental in keeping our brain working the right way. . While it is now clear from the science that cholesterol is not the demon behind heart disease, it’s equally clear that poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and obesity are direct causes. Has “abuse of power” and “wrong doing” by government gotten out of control? Always remember that the Reasonable, Responsible and Conscientious People are opposed in this epic struggle for Direct Participation in their government by SPECIAL INTEREST and those that serve them. However, when your ratio of LDL to HDL gets out of whack, you can run into trouble. Eat real food. I’m not saying all doctors are in on it – but getting back to protecting yourself. Soluble fiber – which is found in legumes, oatmeal, flaxseeds, fruits, and vegetables – can lower cholesterol levels and cut your risk of problems like heart disease and stroke. I remember my gynecologist who tried to get me and my sister to take those and she said the same thing, “It will keep you young.” Menopause is a normal change in women and we don’t need any medicine for it. Vegetables have the cholesterol-cutting powers of fiber, plus some potent antioxidant properties which can decrease inflammation as well as heart disease. They would talk to family and friends and find out how they feel about a People’s Branch and why? They setup the best checks on government power they could at the time. Grassley expressed his concern that “any attempt to manipulate the scientific literature, which... Why are these approaches being ignored? What political mechanism could put the control of government back into the hands of the People? – www(dot)ThePeoplesBranch(dot)org. Yet, realize that taking back control of government may not be easy. They won’t get it off the market because it is so profitable. In some families, high cholesterol is hereditary. (and we’ll treat you for the problems that drug WILL cause…). If everyone does this Human natural immune system will operate at 100% as long as we eliminate chemicals in our food supply. We are both still alive and cancer free(???). influence/manipulation) in government at the expense and detriment of the People’s/Your Own Best Interest. Wouldn’t the answer be to institute a foolproof mechanism to Check and Balance the double-crossers? Checks and Balances! Since it has not been approved by the FDA, and it cannot be patented, it cannot be advertised as a replacement for statin drugs. Think of what a People’s Branch could mean for You and/or Your loved ones’ finances, health, rights, freedoms, security and justice etc. Take X drug and the symptom goes away. It is not for use in self-diagnosis or treatment. walk across the border and buy a years supply. Cholesterol has been demonized for its role in heart health, but it’s actually a critical component of brain health. it’s a delicate balance though, as too much calcium intake will result in the same thing — the mineral “hanging around” where it isn’t needed. Many GATEKEEPERS use the words Checks and Balances every day. One animal study even found that animals exercising while on statins had 226 percent more muscle damage than the animals not taking statins (12). Care2. The fluoridation of water is str... Cardiologist William Boden, M.D., led the Courage trial, which discovered that stent surgery “usually yields no additional benefit when used with a cocktail of generic drugs in patients suffering from chronic chest pain”. Your and the People’s best interest! One doc wanted to give me Cipro until I researched the side effects. Here’s how it can be done: Processed junk foods are pumped full of extra sodium, sugar, and, worst of all: trans fat. What could this mechanism be? Wife has necrotyzing autoimmune myopzthy treated with seven months now has had gall bladder removed YES YOU GUESSED RIGHT STATINS ALSO A DIABETIC. Why do you think GATEKEEPERS give every political genre of any political persuasion a venue and forum? preventing poliomyelitis? Don’t You get it? Statins are known to cause liver damage by increasing the liver’s production of digestive enzymes. Therefore, none should forget or forgive any GATEKEEPERS that make fun of or demonize the Petition and its power and strength for good in the hands of good people! They have even started to manipulate our words and blocking our message that the Ultimate Checks and Balances on government can and will come from the People’s Direct Participation in government. Isn’t it foolish to let others, especially GATEKEEPERS – politicians, elected officials, public servants, bureaucrats and media mouthpieces, etc., continuously undermine Your best interest? our Petition for a People’s Branch of government! There’s a political movement with said mechanism at its core. Take my simple Health Score quiz and learn 20 different ways your body could be signaling you that something’s not quite right. If you’re not hearing about this movement from the GATEKEEPER you’re following then you’ll know they’re probably a Controlled Opposition GATEKEEPER SHILL. All these petition sites should combine and issue world wide petitions to defeat the AMA, FDA, & Big Pharma from killing us with vaccinations and statins that destroy liver and brain and cause cancer by permitting free radical cancer cells from attacking an oxidized cell. A People’s Branch creates the best way to Check and Balance government! In the meantime most GATEKEEPERS will continue to push their PSYOP of getting You to believe that their pretend methods are new and they’ll work for You this time? Some medications and supplements, such as birth control pills or niacin, can interfere with the effectiveness of cholesterol medications and increase the risk of side effects. Further, it would be wise of the wrong doers to realize that they, the perpetrators of governmental wrongs, may be held responsible and accountable for those wrongs as easily as a simple declaration or adjudication! Doctors are the #1 cause of death in the USA!!

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