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Overall, the guitar sounded fantastic used both clean and distorted, with the bridge pickup sounding huge and thick with saturated tones. Buy It Now. On test, the guitar performed fantastically, in both sound and playability. Fender has had a very successful signature series, with models for Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Ritchie Sambora to name but a few. Save up to 10% when you buy more. The neck on this guitar is a one-piece maple type and is based 1983 '57 vintage reissue neck, featuring a walnut skunk stripe on the back. David Gilmour and the Fender Custom Shop are extremely proud to release one of the most iconic and highly-anticipated musical instruments of the past 50 years, the Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster, based on David's famous "Black Strat" guitar.A cornerstone of Pink Fl…, Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Stratocaster Relic 2017 Black. The neck is a duplicate of David’s actual neck on his Black Strat. Fender David Gilmour Signature Series Black Strat replica (NOS version) Fender Classic Series Strat (left) and Fender American Vintage Series Strat (right) with six point tremolo The pickups, knobs, and scratch plate have all been authentically aged. But we were wrong, as Jamie Humphries found out to his (and our) surprise! Pre-Owned. The guitar has a good weight and, unamplified, it sounded very resonant. Pros:As close as you'll get to the originalExtremely well madeExtras are nice. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. It features a Maple neck with a late '50s C-shape profile, Vintage Gotoh tuners with a beveled tremolo block and a shorter tremolo arm. With this issue heavily featuring David Gilmour and associated equipment, we had to feature a Strat but we didn't expect to be able to find any of the originals still around. David Gilmour Plays the Black Strat at Live 8 in 2005 Over the years, the Black Strat underwent many changes and modifications, as Gilmour and longtime equipment and guitar tech Phil Taylor were often experimenting with its neck, hardware and electronics. Pure Effect Music are proud to offer the guitar that helped Pink Floyd take on the world. $2,299.00. Like most Strats it was very well balanced, and the “C” profile neck felt very played in, with no rough fret edges or sloppy finishing. Now, David Gilmour is one of the most famous and renowned Stratocaster players, so it was only a matter of time before Fender introduced his now famous and much documented 'Black Strat', which the company duly did, way back in 2008. I was slightly disappointed with the NOS version that I tried before, but this Relic surpassed all my expectations. The headstock features a vintage 'spaghetti' style logo and houses the six Kluson machine heads and a single string tree for the 1st and 2nd strings. The pickups are: bridge, Seymour Duncan SSl-5 single coil, middle, a custom wound Strat single coil and, for the neck position, a Custom Shop Fat 50’s single coil. As I say, we had no idea these were still available but checking around it seems they are. In glass cases. The body on this relic features accurate wear marks as well as the signs of modifications made to the original guitar, including the outline of where a Kahler bridge was fitted and also evidence of where an XLR socket was once added. This guitar can be heard on some of Floyd’s most famous recordings including Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall. For the fan, owning a replica of the guitar played by their favourite is the ultimate prize in their collection, and with the guitars being as famous as the guitarists that play them, there are plenty of signature guitars on the market to choose from. First, let's establish that this guitar is an exact replica of David’s famous Black Strat; and if you read the piece in this issue I have written on the guitar you will know how David chopped and changed parts including the bridge, several necks and pickups. As you might expect this is quite an expensive guitar, but you do get a lot more than just the guitar. The neck is attached to the guitar body with a four bold plate with the serial number stamp. This article was originally published in issue #47, To read the article in its entirety, view the digital magazine, Our website uses Cookies - by using this site or closing this message you’re agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. I actually reviewed the David Gilmour NOS signature Strat in the ill-fated first issue of Guitar Interactive, but if I am honest I wasn’t very happy with my review; the guitar landed with us literally just before I was due to film and there were a few key points I missed. When we decided to try again, we assumed the Fender's Gilmour relics were would be long gone, all in the hands of collectors. Local music shops & gear makers are open online and ready to ship your dream gear. Sadly, that issue was completely lost in a server crash, which is why we have revisited Mr Gilmour now. The David Gilmour Stratocaster is a Fender Custom Shop model that is based on David's black 1983 American Vintage '57 Strat. So with that in mind this guitar represents several eras of Fender Strats all bolted together! It features a Maple neck with a late '50s C-shape profile, Vintage Gotoh tuners with a beveled tremolo block and a shorter tremolo arm. The guitar includes a vintage synchronised tremolo unit with a bevelled tremolo block and a shortened arm. In fact I walked into our local guitar store, DV24/7 in Romford, Essex, UK, and there was one hanging on the wall! Free … Oops, looks like you forgot something. Brand New. Needless to say, we borrowed it for this review. The David Gilmour Stratocaster is a Fender Custom Shop model that is based on David's black 1983 American Vintage '57 Strat. It is only produced in a black finish with a black pickguard. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. There's no doubt that Fender has put a lot of work into it and it's as close as you are going to get to the original unless you plan on a career in burglary! Being a Gilmour fan I am aware of the 'palming' technique he uses for vibrato and flutters, which I find slightly tricky on a regular sized arm but these techniques were a lot more comfortable, and I found I was able to control the bar a lot better.

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