outdoor ukulele vs waterman

I hear the outdoor ukulele is a lot better but looking to confirm. The plastic soprano released by Kala / Makala a few years back and based on the original Maccaferri plastic ukuleles from the 1950's. A close inspection of the plastic instrument reveals an attractive texture mimicking wood grain, a pattern formed by the fiberglass strands that add strength to the instrument. Our test model came in translucent green and looks a little like an old-fashioned Coke bottle. Thanks! Also, the Outdoor tenor has a wider nut, 38mm, vs 35mm on the Nova. The Outdoor tenor costs a bit more and is developed from 2 infusion-molded bits of composite polycarbonate plastic. I'd expect the Outdoor tenor to have a bigger, deeper sound, based on the larger body size and depth. No way are the $50 Kala Waterman ukuleles as nice or made in the USA. Kala Waterman Concert Ukulele - REVIEW If there is one ukulele in the last few years that has proved to be divisive, it's the Waterman. Might take it on the Pacific Crest Trail next year. The construction of this ukulele is really good, you can see a lot of thought and attention has gone into the design. Other than that, I’m a fan. Notwithstanding the tuners everything here is plastic: the bridge, the saddle, the nut – it’s not a ukulele that you’ll be tinkering with excessively (if by any means). THE LOOK: The Outdoor Ukulele Tenor is available in brown, green, gold, or silver. Agree with strumming vs picking (even really cheap wood is better). I’m considering getting one despite the international shipping and customs across the border. The outdoor uke is supposed to be a robust take-anywhere ukulele that will always be by your side – you should expect a little bit of compromise on sound for that. The Outdoor tenor comes in brown, green or gold – as you can tell from the photos, I went for the brown. It accompanies Grover tuners and Rye Rabbit fluorocarbon light gauge strings. I have had nothing but fun with my pale yellow Waterman (bought on impulse) for the past three months! That's personal preference, I like wider nuts for more room and accuracy, YMMV. At $100 it’s certainly more expensive than some of the other plastic ukuleles that are currently available … The Outdoor Ukulele™ is an American made composite polycarbonate instrument developed for backpacking, camping, and traveling. Jeff. December 11, 2018 at 1:52 pm #21091 The Outdoor Ukulele comes in either soprano or tenor size for around $95 and $145 respectively, depending on the color and is currently available in green, green camouflage, brown, brown camouflage, or moonshine (clear) colors. They've been played in the Arctic Ocean, paddled down the Amazon River, and hiked both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. I saw your review just today confirming my luck! Ukuleles are made to order and the current production time is 3 business days. In the hands the polycarbonate feels pretty good, there’s a texture to it that stops your hands slipping around when playing and it’s got a nice weight to it too. Baz also seems to like wider nuts, but in his review said the Nova pays well, so who knows. OUTDOOR UKULELE TENOR. It's really lightweight too for canoeing and camping.

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