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2020 County Rents and Prices North Dakota March 2020 An annual survey of farmers and ranchers was conducted to obtain average rental rates and the price of rented land in their localities. The publication of the survey findings was in … Iowa State University does a comprehensive land value survey each December, which is regarded as one of the best resources on trends in Midwest farm land sales. Overall, agriculture is in adequate financial shape, but there are individual and regional … Reported are results of the survey and a discussion of factors influencing buyer/seller decisions and positive/negative factors impacting farmland markets. Land value summaries showed that a reduction in average land values did occur in many regions of the U.S from 2014-16, including the Upper Midwest, … “We are getting sellers calling Farmers National looking for good advice about the land market and for the best marketing and sales strategy to get their land sold. £9,327. 101 5th Street North, Several other factors had a favorable effect on farmland values in 2019. Kent Thiesse is a farm management analyst and senior vice president at MinnStar Bank, Lake Crystal, Minn. Since the start of 2020, the effects of global climate change have been increasingly apparent, from the wildfires that ravaged California and Colorado to Arizona experiencing the highest number of consecutive days with temperatures skyrocketing over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The land market in 2019 continued the plateau trend of the past several years during which the supply of agricultural land for sale on the market remained lower than average and prices for good quality cropland held mostly steady. PRICES HOLD: In spite of a slow start because of the wet spring of 2019, land values stayed on a plateau during the year and, in terms of acres sold, it was a strong year. 2020). This marks the first year-to-year increase since land values in the state peaked at $3,315 per acre in 2014. A Tale of Two Recessions. £5,343 Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Farmers National, an employee-owned company, is the nation’s leading agricultural landowner services company. One of the best sources of farm real estate values in Minnesota is the University of Minnesota’s “Land Economics” web site at: These landowners want someone they can trust to sell their farm,” Schadegg says. The estimates are for bare, unimproved land with the sale price on a cash basis. 2019 continued to see land values hold steady even as the farm economy struggled. The average value of Canadian farmland increased 5.2% in 2019, following a gain of 6.6% in 2018. “Everything is subject to change in 2020,” said Luke Worrell of Worrell Land Services, but there has not been a lot of volatility in land prices. Cash rental rates for cropland averaged $139 per acre in 2020, down $1 per acre from 2019. A companion episode on the Purdue Commercial AgCast podcast is also available below or any platform where you access your podcasts.. Purdue agricultural economists Todd Kuethe, James … Median … The Texas Chapter of ASFMRA is the recognized source for current Texas land value estimates and projected future trends. “There are a number of factors that indicate that the land market will continue to be steady in 2020,” Dickhut says. Over 7,000 questionnaires were mailed on December 16th, The estimated market value of dry-land cropland rose approximately three to four percent with the Central, East, and Southeast Districts reporting increases exceeding five percent. Average home value in Hawaii: $646,733. Statewide cash rental rates also increased across all land quality classes in 2020. Published 24 May 2018 Last updated 18 August 2020 — see all updates During the fall, Farmers National auctioned a good-quality crop farm in north-central Kansas for $8,800 per acre, which was near record for the area even though land prices are off the peaks by five years. Investor interest in cropland increased somewhat in 2019 with several new entities entering the market and also from an increase in purchasing activity by existing institutional investors.”. Lot Value and High-Rise Land Value Reports. “Interest rates are low and are poised to remain so during the foreseeable future and government support through MFP payments will likely continue if Chinese trade issues are not fully resolved. There continues to be a limited supply of available land for sale in some areas of the State. Financial conditions for some producers degenerated, but agriculture overall remains in better shape than expected due to support payments and the fact that land values remain historically strong. Putting a value on agricultural land is both art and science, especially where sales prices remain private. The slides used during the presentation are also available for download. Map 2. View your property’s statutory land valuation and related data for your area. It is important to remember that land rent prices vary tremendously from county to county. “Our local agent did a great job talking with all the potential buyers, and Farmers National did a full marketing campaign for the sale. The value of farm land accounts for over 80 percent of the total assets in the U.S. agriculture industry. This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. The statewide all-land average value for the year ending Feb. 1, 2020, averaged $2,725 per acre, or about a 3% ($80 per acre) increase to the prior year’s value of $2,645 per acre. “The lower supply of land for sale had much to do with land prices being mostly steady as did having adequate demand for quality cropland,” Dickhut says. Average. Poor. £6,162. Reduced interest to purchase farm land, or a rapid increase in the amount of land being offered for sale. Fargo, Most likely, the future trends in crop prices, along with the level of 2020 crop yields and profitability in livestock production, will determine if land values stabilize, or if we see further declines in land values later this year. Lack of confidence in the land market by investors and ag lenders. Prime. Texas timberland and ranches are in demand from buyers and are holding or increasing in price. “Land sale activity across the Southern Plains has been quite varied and dependent on location, quality and use,” says Paul Schadegg, area sales manager for Farmers National. CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In a year when most of the news seems to be bad, the news about land values in Illinois for the first half of the year, announced on Sept. 4, is basically good. However, overall land values have remained fairly stable due to relatively low long-term interest rates, a limited supply of land being offered for sale, and relatively strong buyer interest. The REALTORS© Land Institute is an arm of the National Association of REALTORS© and is organized for realtors who specialize in farm and land … Buyer demand for good cropland has been adequate for the supply and this would have to remain so in order for land values to continue on their plateau. Declines were noted in Market Report Year However, there are some lingering “caution flags” that could put further downward pressure on land values in the coming 12-18 months. “Sellers are seeking the best advice and marketing strategy to sell their land and that is why the amount of land listed for sale at Farmers National is very strong at over $300 million.”. Looking ahead into the coming year, attention turns to what is going to impact the farm economy and the land market and whether or not the current lower commodity prices will be the new normal.

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