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You should continue to attend your classes in the event the petition is not approved. The credit from these courses may or may not be … ), which isn't good for your GPA and just doesn't look good in general. UF admissions officers visit many high schools throughout the year. Through Fall of 2021, a GMAT or GRE score is waived for applicants to one of Warrington’s Specialized Master’s programs. What do you mean by people arrive with established group of friends? Some are brilliant, some should not have a job and everything in between. Trying to decide if UF is right for me. A few commenters have mentioned the pre-exisiting cliques at UF...doesn't sound good lol. Parking is also scarce in the busier areas. Make plans to attend a college fair or a UF admissions presentation. Going to be a business major so how strong is the business department for jobs and internships? That alone would push me to USF. Now, Santa Fe is not a cheap community college, but it has a very established precedent for transferring students to UF. UF colleges grant certificates in specialized subjects after students complete a specific number of college credit courses. First year Florida (otherwise known as Enhancing the Freshman Experience), does anything but enhance the freshman experience. Not a huge deal, but wanted to mention it. I really dont want to go out of state but now im reconsidering. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But in reality engineering is just a difficult major. When UF President Kent Fuchs had his first opportunity to announce the University of Florida’s Teacher of Year, he presented the award to Ann Christiano. Food (on Campus): C (Gator Corner as for dining halls isn't bad, but not spectacular. If I understand correctly, you say that the advantage of attending UF outweighs the Burnett Medical Scholar guarantee into the medical school. People: B Nothing wrong with the people, I'm only grading it down due to it seeming like people arriving with their already established group of friends. Press J to jump to the feed. I did it for half as much money. It might play a decisive role! Until the last day to drop classes in a given semester, students can use this form to petition for additional drops. Press J to jump to the feed. Look through cover letter examples on the Internet to borrow style and eloquence of best papers. Weather: B+ Florida. Population of students is also variable- plenty of good people and plenty of bad ones too. I agree with these rankings, more or less. Likewise, they assume that other schools are easier. Ive always wanted to go to UF as I've lived in florida my entire life and my parents want me to stay in state for money's sake. Maybe you want to be an engineer, you're just not sure what kind of engineer... in that case, yes UF is a good choice. The U.S. News and World Report ranked UF as the Number 7 Best Public University in the nation for 2020. Arrange to take the SAT and/or ACT again early in the year. Plenty of people come to UF right out of high school and do really really well. In addition to your personal statement, include an Instructor Recommendation form for each class you are petitioning. I'm a grad student who takes all classes online but works on UF campus part time: Gainesville is a place made of distinct layers. When the most widely read college guide in the country releases its annual rankings, people take notice. Something to consider is getting your Associate's degree (a.k.a. Florida provides a perfect setting to study first-hand the efforts to reconcile growth and conservation. High school Senior in the process of making a tough decision about where to go to college. Not paradise, but not the opposite. Any estimate you get for mail (other than Amazon), add 1-2 days onto that. Moving off campus next year so it is what it is. I havent seen a thread for Fall 2017 applications yet so I would like to open up a discussion! Make sure to take challenging classes and to do well in them, and prepare for your standardized tests. All you can ask for out of a university is the chance to do something great. I would be majoring in business if that makes a difference. So what the hell do I know. It's best to try and go out and explore the city if you do come here, as campus is just one layer of what the location is like. Many people are graduating with over $20,000 in debt. However, that same debt is overwhelming if you are struggling to find a good job after graduation because you decided in your sophomore year that you were going to major in Sociology and now you're stuck with it. What does being in the top 10 mean for students and alumni? Also know when it's actually summer (like late May to early September) it rains EVERY day from about 3 to 5ish, either hard for a long time or short for a short time, so you need lots of different clothes. What do you like most about UF? To put it into perspective, $20,000 in debt is very manageable when you are going to graduate as an engineer or nurse and earn over $50,000 per year, with career opportunities. Box 116550 Gainesville, FL 32611-6550 List of office phone numbers ), Professors: B- (Some are awesome, and will do anything for you as a student, some are the laziest people you will ever meet. I feel the same way about UF students talking down to other schools. Like, better, more engaged professor teaching better content. I'll go ahead and give it some grades just for the heck of it. I would've been able to figure myself out a little more before diving into school. However, the Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked it as the 51st medical school in the world in 2012. Location: B Centrally located, nice college town, mini urban scene, I guess; not near the beach but has its own attractions with outdoorsy stuff. Option B—No previous/high-school background However graduating debt-free was very important to me and UF was pretty much the only school I could do it with. : I am here for UF, and UF only, looking back if I had more money for college, I may have went out of state, but for what I put into UF it's alright. How well integrated into the city is UF or the other way around. Yes you can have a good social life but you have to work at it. Not that community college would be as hard as UF, but I would've had the chance to get a feel for college in general and get some "weed out" classes out of the way. Honestly came here from New England for a change of scenery and because I get In-State and even compared to other states in-state rates UF is a bargain. In and around town there has been a serious spurt of things to do lately, a new museum is opening up this year, lots of new shops, bars, parks, and restaurants in the urban core, and an overall uptick in cultural, performing arts, and participatory arts offerings. That makes it a little harder to meet new people and establish friendships. They seem to bring lots of people together here, but IMO I think football is wayyy overrated and it and the other big sports take too big of a drain on the town. UFl is interested in you as a person, not just your grades or your essays. Part of the university experience is experimenting with different studies to hone in on your focus. The acceptance rate at University of Florida is 39%. Now, if you have an assured full-ride scholarship for four years, again, go for it. Over the two years it would take you to get your AA, you would save $13,000 by attending Santa Fe. UF graduate salary and employment data reported out by the OIPR and the center are based solely on UF Graduation Survey student responses. You still have to live while you go to school and I'd like broader horizons than Gainesville. Going to community college first would've given me the chance to learn what kind of student I am (which is a bad one). Use your application to reflect your strengths in these areas. The data shown here does not include supplemental data from additional sources, such as follow-up requests from alumni or data gleaned from social media platforms (e.g.

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