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A particular philosophy or view of life; the world view of an individual or group. Spelling Bee Toolboxes for Grades 3/5 and 6/8   All the resources you need for a successful bee! Of or pertaining to the parrots, or the Psittaci. 1. 10. conscientious- adjective: careful, particular, taking great care, 12. vengeance - noun: punishment inflicted for a wrong done to oneself or another person; revenge, 13. prospicience - noun: the act of looking forward; foresight, 14. acquiesce - verb: to accept as inevitable; to comply passively, 15. malfeasance -  A noun: Meaning – the art of cutting paper into a decorative design. A rare element of the boron group, sometimes associated with yttrium or other related elements, as in euxenite and gadolinite. A noun: Meaning – conduct by a public-official which violates public trust or is against the law. A verb: Meaning — Compose or write by working studiously at night. acquittal. 1. questionnaire - noun: a list of questions; survey, 2. unconscious - adjective: not conscious; without awareness, 3. precocious - adjective: unusually mature, especially in mental development, 4. liaison - noun: a person who maintains a connection between people or groups, 5. surveillance - noun: continuous observation of a person, place, or activity in order to gather information, 6. chrysanthemum - noun: a widely cultivated plant with brightly-colored showy flower heads, 7. idiosyncrasy - noun: a tendency, habit or mannerism that is peculiar to an individual; a quirk, 8. chauffeur - noun: a person hired to drive a private automobile or limousine. – A person in the lowest and most despicable condition; a castaway. A noun: Meaning – a chronic skin-disease characterized by circumscribed red-patches covered with white scales. Some of these words may seem easy at first, but sometimes you might end up misspelling them. The English language has thousands of words including plenty of hard words to spell that we tend to overlook. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is a week away and it is sure to be filled with a plethora of problematic words. A noun: Meaning – punishment inflicted for wrong done. Irving Belz, 1951. A genus of microscopic burrowing sarcoptid mites that infects fowl and caged birds. These difficult spelling lists will challenge you and your friends with some of the most difficult words to spell if you manage to master this spelling lists you are ready to participate to the highest level spelling bee contests.. A noun: Meaning – dialogue, especially a dispute, addressed in alternating lines. 2. Bewusstseinslage. When the Scripps National Spelling Bee began in 1925, the words were much less difficult — the winning word in 1932 was "knack." A noun: Meaning — A name well suited to a place, person or thing Named. Commercial use of all content on Spelling-Words-Well.com is strictly prohibited. 2011: Cymotrichous. An adjective: Meaning — Producing happiness. words - 300 words that provide practice in important Words are appropriate for both English and British spellings. A type of mauve gemstone with a hexagonal crystal structure. Think-a-Spell eBook: 365 Brain Teasers and Spelling Challenges for Ages 10 to Adult, 300 Spelling Bee Words by Grade Level, with definitions, sentences and languages. flies, crawl, happen, I've, build, raised, smiling, merry, voice, finish, heard, Saturday, suit, school, stretch. Try these fun spelling test games! An adjective: Meaning — Having wavy hair. A noun: Meaning – continuous observation of a place, person or activity in order to gather information. overwhelming; stunning, 19. eudemonic - adjective: It can make you better at spellings and improve your memorization. 600 Spelling Bee Words & Sentences for Gr 3/5 & 6/8 Extra words & sentences at two levels. against  the law, 16. irascible -  adjective: So, don’t cry out in frustration over these words! Sentence containing the word: Clara didn’t want her yellow... Albumen. A noun: Meaning — Foresight, the act of looking forward. An adjective: Meaning – irritable, quick-tempered. affiliation. The 25 Toughest Winning Words Ever Spelled In The National Spelling Bee Cerise. I've gleaned these words from a multitude of sources to ensure you'll have a GREAT list of challenging words to use in your bee. A colorless plum brandy with a bitter almond taste. An adjective: Meaning – committing excessive irreverence towards a hallowed place, thing, or thing. Spelling Bee: Words That are Difficult to Spell But Worth Learning. Today, words have gotten a lot more difficult. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying sales. Ayacahuite. And if you are serious about winning the next Spelling Bee, check out our student packages: If not, don’t wait more, it is a free ebook we wrote for all the students willing to compete and win the next spelling bee. Knowing and learning new and difficult English words. Most words are difficult to spell because they arrived in our English vocabularies from a language very much different from our own, like the Afrikaans, Sanskrit, Welsh, etc. You are Invited…  WOSL Spelling LEAGUE Tournaments Participation is free. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is a week away and it is sure to be filled with a plethora of problematic words. So, in other to pick a list of “the 50 hardest words,” we started with a long list of some very difficult words and we threw-out words that had same elements of difficulty. A hypothetically reconstructed parent-language, as Proto Germanic. Hard spelling bee words are challenging -- and FUN -- to learn!

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