french oak vs american oak flooring

European Oak, as the name suggests, is oak which has been sourced from European countries such as France, England and Germany. Generally, French oak is thought to impart a subtler influence and smoother texture, which is nice most of the time, while American oak is bigger on vanilla flavour and astringent tannins. … American oak Flooring summary; This wood is medium hard and is a wood that is to be compared with Tauari and is a little stronger than European oak.It has that special telescopic grain that makes American oak flooring … American oak flooring typically has much larger grain and growth rings in its boards and a much lighter tone compared to European Oak Flooring. On the other hand, American barrels aren’t typically distinguished by forest, and oak for barrels is grown in 18 different states, mostly in the Midwest and in the Appalachians, as well as Oregon. It’s estimated that the 5.2 billion white oak … Sourced from North America, American Oak is available as Red Oak and White Oak. Clear Oak - A flooring product of mostly heartwood with a minimum number of character marks and discoloration, providing a uniform appearance while allowing for all heartwood natural color variations.

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