damper pedal vs sustain pedal

This allows notes to resonate … As you hold it down, those notes will keep sounding until you let off of it. The most commonly used pedal is the sustain pedal, which is on the far right. It is normally placed at right hand side. The name, damper pedal, comes from the way the sustain pedal works. In a traditional acoustic piano when you press a keys it causes a little hammer to hit the strings responsible for playing that particular note or notes. Damper pedal- This is also known as sustain pedals. This device is … The damper pedal … The damper pedal releases all dampers off of their strings, allowing strings to resonate freely. Practicing the Sustain Pedal. A sustain pedal, or damper pedal, allows pianists to sustain the sound even when they aren't holding the notes anymore. The pedal on the right raises all the dampers off the strings so that they keep vibrating after a key on the keyboard is played. This is called the sustain pedal (or damper) as it literally sustains the notes, and makes them sound for longer … All the strings gets damper off. This happens when the damper pedal … As a result, the user can access it conveniently. The added resonance creates a smooth watery effect that, if held for too long, may turn muddy. The keys are also attached to a damper… THE DAMPER PEDAL OR THE SUSTAIN PEDAL.

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